Project summary

Corporate Language Education (CLE) is very special sub-segment of the language education that is currently not served properly by the teacher educating system. The differing needs of the participants and the financers of these types of courses require special approach.
These courses are financed by the corporations i.e profit oriented institutions, as the language knowledge of their employees is not sufficient. They want their language knowledge to develop to be more efficient in their work. Corporations consider these courses as an investment i.e on cost benefit basis. They seek methods that require the less effort and can achieve the minimum level of progress that is enough to reach their desired profit making capacity.
Corporations do not want their employees to speak the foreign language accurately. They want their colleagues to use the language properly and fluently enough to convince the customers, to solve the problems of the clients, to gain information from foreign technical literature, to inform the foreign owners, managers in the most efficient way, to cooperate with the colleagues seating abroad, to manage negotiations, to make presentations, even with partners from a very different cultural environment who use English as a lingua franca.
Having found that the issue of CLE is not unique, but existing in Europe as well, the project’s idea is rationalized in national and European level and led us to form a partnership of 4 countries to share the best practices in the special field of teaching English. This is to be done by answering 10 predefined and 5 additional questions with a deep analysis of the CLE market. of the affected countries. All the countries agree on that such a project can be a basis of a deeper, more specialized project later (teacher training material, workshops, etc.)
As an impact of the project the members of it and the participating institutions get deep insights into the CLE markets of the other institutions, and get access to the best practices of each other in this field. With the help of each other every institution can improve their methods and practices to improve their CLE related courses to transfer more practical language knowledge to the learners. The institutions can have better understanding of the request of their clients and can get better methods to satisfy them better.

Project partners

Debrecen, Hungary
Antener Ltd was established in 2008 by a language teacher to offer alternative choice next to the mass like education of the competitors in the market of language schools and to offer qualitative service for the clients. The company focuses on the education of English, German and Hungary as foreign language for corporate clients.
Having worked for 10 years Antener is determining institution seated in Debrecen City of Hungary. Unlike its competitors Antener focuses on the practical usability of the language knowledge. The main clients are foreign owned companies and Hungarian companies with significant foreign activity.
Next to the language courses Antener offers additional education related services too such as consulting, preliminary knowledge level assessment and educational plan development. The courses are supported not only by the generally known language books, but also with own developed curriculum.
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Bridge Language Study House is a non-profit making association established in Cluj-Napoca in 2002, the capital of Transylvania region, Romania. The main scope of Bridge Language Study House is to promote language acquisition, academic achievement and intercultural communication through the provision of quality language instruction, translation services, professional development for language instructors and cultural awareness problems. Our intention is to address a large palette of people with our services, activities and projects, giving the chance of learning to children, youth or adults, workers or unemployed, firms or individuals, citizens of our country or foreigners.
Vienna, Austria
GHOTI Professional English provides language training tailored to suit the needs of companies and busy professionals. Communicating in another language can be difficult enough even without the added the pressure of doing well in a tense contract negotiation, a crucial sales call or an all important presentation. Our aim is to help clients become versatile and confident users of English and to equip them with the specialized vocabulary and communication skills demanded by global business. We do this by providing language courses specifically designed to meet your needs and by offering language workshops that directly address specific tasks and skills. And we conduct all our lessons in your office, saving you time and ensuring that students learn in the same environment in which they use their English.
Koper, Slovenia
Nista Language Centre was founded in 1991. It was the first privately owned language school in the region. The Centre is situated on the Adriatic coast in the city of Koper in Slovenia. Weteach a range of languages. We offer general, business and specialized language courses in groups, pairs, trios and individual for children and adults of all ages and across all levels. We organize language courses for the internationally recognised exams - FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS for which we received the Silver and Bronze award at the British Council in Ljubljana.We offer also translation and proofreading services. Our team are: three full-time staff, 15 part-time teachers and 10 part-time translators. For twenty years, we have been placing students on language courses abroad, for all languages worldwide. Last year we started a study abroad agencyand we work hard to establish ourselves as trustworthy educational advisers offering high schools and undergraduate students the support to apply to an undergraduate or postgraduate university program abroad.Nista`sagents annually attend the IALC, ICEF, ALPHE and WEBA conferences and workshops. This is the way we keep up-to-date with the trends and new teaching methods in language industry. Our agency is also a partner of the IALC organisation.
Contact to project coordinator:
Antener Kft
H-4030 Debrecen Hadházi út 139